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  • "Why Choose A Pre-Engineered Steel Building to Start Your Own Self-Storage Business | Indiana

    Post Date: 6/05/2017

    If you are reading this post today you are probably looking at different options for your self-storage business. One question that we may ask when looking for the right material for our next buidling, "Is metal just metal?" not anymore. In the self-storage industry metal buildings are becoming more popular as they are quicker to erect and are a more economical type of construction.

    In today's self-storage industry, owners' know that when it comes to choosing steel as their building choice, it will be a cost-effective way to yield tightly sealed, low-maintanence and pest free enviornment for their clients. Also, steel buildings provide a more fire-resistant structure, which in the end make a more desireable building for clients that have those valuable collectibles that they will be putting in storage.

    In choosing a steel building for your next self-storage project, holds many advantages from shorter construction times to the freedom of being able to customize your design to fit your business needs. The advantages that a steel building can offer over other methods of construction are the following:

    • Shorter Construction Time
    • Lower Construction/Material Cost
    • Inexpensive & Easy way to Expand
    • Durable & Weather Resistant
    • Energy Efficient
    • Fireproof
    • Environmentally Responsible
    • Insurance Advantages
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • Single Source Assurance
    • Atrractive Finish
    • Enhanced Security Options

    When it comes to steel buildings one of the concerns, from self-storage owners,  is the build up of condensation from the steel buildings causing a risk to the client's valuable belongings. The one advantage of a steel building is that they can be customized to your climate. Steel buildings have a wide range of coatings and finish options that increase the steel's ability to withstand moisture, direct sun exposure and inclement weather. Also, with the proper air barrier, tight sealed doors, and proper ventilation system your steel building can resist condensation. Steel buildings have specialized water -shedding features that will ensure water is directed off the roof and away from the building to prevent any corrosion and leaks giving the self-storage owner peace of mind. Where as in traditional methods of construction, with wood as the main frame of your building, consideration builds up and collects in the wood causing a greater chance of mold and mildew.

    So when it comes to choosing the right material for your next Self-Storage Building consider all the advantages that a steel building will provide.

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    "How Pre-Engineered Steel Building Garages' Can Save You Time and Money. Crawfordsville, Indiana"

    Post Date: 5/01/2017

    As A Property Owner many factors come to mind when choosing the perfect building. Some Important factors are considered by property owners' when choosing the right building for their new garage. Some factors that are considered include: vehicle security, space, adding value to their current property, and save money. Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings can provide solutions to all these factors plus more to put the property owner's mind at ease.

    As a property owner can you vision all your important assest underneath a solid steel structure building? Have you visioned your new building to be utilized for the following reasons:

    • To make more room in your house
    • To finally have room for a new office space.
    • To provide a new recreation room for the family
    • Or to finally have that dream home gym you have always wanted
    When it comes to a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Garage it will be able to provide the great space for all the things that mean the most to you.

    Lets take a look at a few reasons property owners will benefit with choosing a Pre-Engineered Steel Building for their new garage project.

    1) Versatility: Property Owners have the freedom to design their own floor plan when it comes to a Pre-Engineered Steel Building for their new garage. From long-lasting steel panel color to brick stone, or stucco to match their home's exterior are all the different options that the property owner can choose when planning for their new garage.

    2). Eco-Friendly: Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings contains recycled steel, which benefit the property owner as steel never loses it strength regardless how many times its been recycled.

    3). Quick Construction Times and Affordable: Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are cut, welded, drilled, painted, and clearly are marked for assembly by a qualty-controlled Manufacturer like Federal Steel Systems. The components are ready to be assembled once they arrive to the new garage site which will require less labor hours. With the superior strength of steel requires less material to create a much stronger and safer structure.

    4). Lower Insurance Rates: The fire-resistant qualities of a Pre-Engineered Steel building can recieve up to a 30% savings on insurance premuims.

    5). Easy Care: Steel Garage Owners can have a piece of mind that Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings provide for a low-maintanence structure. Steel Buildings are free from termites and wood ants compared to other structures. Saving the cost of chemicals and services. Another advantage of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings is that steel never rots, twists, bows, splits, or creeps like wood-frame buildings can do.

    6). Higher ReSale: As the most important factor to property owners is the resale value of their property. Property Owners have found that a well-constructed Pre-Engineered Steel Building Garage can increase their property value.

    Call Esra Industrial Construction, Inc. to be a part of your team for your next garage building project. Allow Esra Industrial Construction, Inc. to Build and Maintain Your Vision.

    Get Your Steel Building Started Today!

    Post Date: 3/22/2016

    If you are reading this blog today then you are probably already thinking about doing one of the best things you can do to reduce the cost of constructing your commercial or industrial building.  Not only is steel durable and strong, but it happens to be one of the most cost effective building materials on the market today. To save on building costs even more, you can choose a pre-engineered steel/metal building that only has to be put together on site. Esra Steel buildings has so many options that you can choose from when it comes to steel buildings, including pre-engineered steel buildings that can be designed to fit any need and any location.

    When planning to buy a pre-engineered steel building you will want to have a good understanding of all the costs associated with building and maintaining a steel framed structure. There are so many reasons to choose steel for your next project and you can learn more about them on our website.

    One of the best reasons to choose steel is its environmental appeal. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB’s) are touted as one of the most environmentally friendly forms of building construction. PEMB’s are meticulously designed to provide the required building function with the least amount of construction waste. Also, steel is a recyclable material, adding to the green aspect of PEMB construction.

    Not only is PEMB construction “Green”, it allows for greater understating of the final costs and building time involved for your next building project. All of these aspects make Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings the ideal solution for large commercial and industrial buildings all the way down to smaller buildings such as shop and utility buildings or our ExpressLine buildings.



Top 10 Reasons To Choose Steel

1. Based on a cost comparison of all the available building materials on the market, steel is the most cost effective.

2. Steel can withstand all types of weather and is fire resistant.

3. Because it is fire resistant, a pre-engineered steel building can cost up to 30 percent less to insure than a traditional building.

4. Steel buildings require very little maintenance and upkeep and are considered lifetime structures.

5. Only steel has the strength and physical properties needed to safely build structures that require large open spaces such as community centers, industrial buildings, religious facilities and arenas.

6. Steel’s properties enable designers to create buildings with a clear span of up to 300 feet, giving designers the ability to create large, column-free spaces and to satisfy complicated space designs with open floor plans.

7. They are quicker and easier to build than other forms of construction, saving you on labor and reducing the expensive wait for occupancy.

8. Pre-engineered steel buildings are easily designed to meet local building codes and environmental regulations.

9. Each prefabricated steel building is made to order to your unique specifications and arrives ready to assemble. Like a life-size erector set, your materials arrive on site pre-fitted, pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-punched and pre-welded.

10. Steel buildings do not have to look like faceless warehouses. Our exterior options give your new steel structure the ability to mimic brick, stucco or stone. Each of these cladding styles also comes in a variety of colors, empowering you to create a structure that beautifully reflects its purpose and personality.